EasyDECON Decontamination Solution

EasyDECON Application Equipment

EasyDECON Decontamination Foam

Proven Effective

EasyDECONDF200 has been proven to effectively neutralize chemical and biological warfare agents, including Sarin, Mustard, VX, and Soman; as well as a variety of toxic industrial chemicals.

EasyDECON DF200 has been successfully tested by the US Military and a host of other accredited testing institutions.

Environmentally Friendly

EasyDECON DF200 is a 3-part proprietary solution of common household items such as hair conditioner, laundry detergent and hydrogen peroxide. It has been determined by EPA standards to be inherently biodegradable.

One Minute Preparation

EasyDECON DF200 can be rapidly deployed because the solution can be fully mixed in about a minute. Once mixed, EasyDECON DF200 is fully effective for up to 8 hours.

Easy Application

EasyDECON DF200 can be used as a foam, liquid, mist, or spray. Foam application has the benefits of providing an easy visual reference for application coverage, greatest coverage per gallon, and allows the formulation to adhere to surfaces to maintain the required contact time.

Easy Clean Up

Because EasyDECON DF200 is environmentally benign, clean up is simple using a water rinse with wipe down protocol. Refer to local, state and federal regulations for disposal information.