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Crystal Clean

Crystal Clean is a commercial product based upon a powerful, green and biodegradable chemistry developed by Sandia National Laboratories using a Federal grant from the US Department of Energy. Crystal Clean is a novel solution, consisting of three separate compounds that when combined serve to break the bond between the methamphetamine contaminant and the contaminated surface, making it easily removable. Crystal Clean has proven so effective that our clients routinely report first time non-detects post clean-up and they also state that contact time, man-hours and materials expended are greatly reduced.

"We have cut our labor time in half...we can cover large spaces easily and completely. As a result of this our company has gained the reputation as the "go to guys" when others have failed."
Doug Griffith, Bio-Clean of Colorado

The effective use of Crystal Clean does not require any new or special procedures and actually revolutionizes the total remediation process. Traditional cleaning methods can require several separate wash downs of a contaminated surface, and typically use a variety of over-the-counter cleaners which are not suited to multiple means of application. Even after several treatments, results don't come close to those achieved after ONE application of Crystal Clean. After applying Crystal Clean it is recommended to allow a minimum of 3 hours contact time followed up with a complete water rinse and wipe down - That's it.

Using Crystal Clean’s powerful, patented technology enables remediators to apply the product in the form most appropriate for the surfaces being cleaned whether that be as a liquid, foam or fog. This increases the ability to reach all areas effectively and ensures proper coverage and saturation within a quick and efficient application.

"I have attached the report that we sent to Utah regarding both your product and two other oxidizers that we tested. Your product was by far the most effective"
John W. Martyny, Ph.D., CIH, National Jewish Medical and Research Center

Crystal Clean is a revolutionary decontaminant for safe and cost-effective clean-up of structures and materials contaminated by meth. Crystal Clean is the first truly engineered methamphetamine decontaminant.  Crystal Clean has revolutionized the total remediation process.

Traditional cleaning methods can require as many as three separate wash downs of all surfaces using a variety of over the counter cleansers.  With Crystal Clean, remediators mix the three parts together and apply the solution once!  After one hour dwell time, Crystal Clean is removed with fresh water.  Industrial hygienists can sample before or after the fresh water rinsing process and will achieve the same undetectable levels.  Crystal Clean can be wiped away, or extracted or even vacuumed with a wet/dry vac for easy removal.

Crystal Clean Benefits

  • May be applied as a liquid, foam or fog using commercially available equipment
  • When applied as a foam far less solid waste is generated
  • Green formula includes surfactants and mild oxidizers that are common in other household products
  • Specifically formulated to lift contaminants off the surface and capture them for removal
  • Water use can be significantly minimized, thus less water damage, staining and runoff
  • Significantly reduced remediation costs - time, materials and manpower requirements
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Naturally biodegradable, non-toxic and environmentally safe
  • Unique patented technology developed by Sandia National Laboratories
  • Validated effectiveness