Crystal Clean methamphetamine Decontaminant Meth Lab Cleanup

I am one of the owners of Bio-Clean of Colorado, and we have been in business in this state starting in 2002. I have personally been in the Bio Remediation Industry since 1998. In my career I have done Radiological, Biological and Chemical Decontamination and have used a wide variety cleaning methods to accomplish these jobs.

In the last two years we have been involved in the clean up of properties that have been used as clandestine Methamphetamine labs. These properties can be contaminated with an assortment of dangerous chemicals used for the manufacture of Meth, and with a dozen or more recipes using household and agricultural chemicals we needed a broad spectrum system to cover the different types of surfaces and spaces we had to get clean. These included walls, floors, ceilings, crawlspaces, attic spaces, heating and air conditioning ductwork, places it was physically impossible to get a technician into.

The Intelagard delivery system and EFT’s Crystal Clean meth decontamination product were the answer to these situations. We have cut our labor time in half, and have found that with our Macaw Foam System, and with the different spray nozzles available we can cover large spaces easily and completely. We can also reach areas in tight and out of the way spaces that were sometimes left unclean or had to have extensive demolition in order to reach. Each job that we have done has had its own unique problem or condition that had to be overcome; the Macaw and Crystal Clean have both been the solution we needed. As a result of this our company has gained the reputation as the “go to guys” when others have failed.

We owe a huge Thank You to Intelagard and EFT for making this possible.

Respectfully yours,

Doug Griffith
Operations Manager
Bio-Clean of Colorado